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Life-size Floor Plans at 258 New Westminster

Posted in Development, Media Production


“It sold out in 42 minutes!”

— A World First Technology for Real Estate Sales

Walking into the presentation centre for the 258 condominium project included the usual sales area and design suite, but what it also had was an empty room large enough to hold a condo, or at least the floor plan for one. On the day sales started, the life-sized floor plans had done their job and the building was sold out before the coffee could get cold.

The success of the 258 project was attributed to Twisted Lime Media’s custom developed media room that projected walk-through life sized floor plans. The plans themselves were changeable through using a touch-screen kiosk, or from a mobile phone or iPad interface. And while the project itself was comprised of 16 projectors, 8 workstations, a central server and hundreds of meters of cables, rigging and a wireless network, it was the seamless combination of technology and imagination that made it such a huge success.

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