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A Fair Deal

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Why should you care?

Nothing is more important to our province’s future than a quality education for BC’s children. And as teachers, kids are our first priority.

But after years of cuts, too many children are getting shortchanged. Our province provides $1,000 less for each child’s education than the national average— the second worst record in Canada. And it shows in every room in the school, from crowded classes, to closed libraries, to growing lines for counseling and individual help.

That’s why teachers are taking a stand for better support for BC kids.

That includes a stronger investment in our children’s education, the kind of class composition and size that allow for one-on-one attention, more of the specialist teachers that provide extra learning support, a fair deal for teachers, protection for preparation time to make the most of the school day, and a solid start for teachers on call — BC’s newest teachers.

Whether you’re a parent who wants the best for your kids, or a concerned citizen who knows that education is the key to our province’s prosperity, we hope you’ll join us.

Oh yeah, we also built the website…

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