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Case Study: Database-driven Online & On-site Presentations

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Case Study

Trump Waikiki Availability Board For the Trump Waikiki Hotel sales event — a highly anticipated 2-day extravaganza reported on by news agencies from around the world — Twisted Limers, working with S&P Destination Properties and B3 Communications, were tasked with building an online multi-user interactive and database-driven availability board. What was built was a tool that was simultaneously broadcast live at events in both Honolulu, Hawaii and Tokyo, Japan, as well as around the world via the Internet.

This real-time highly graphical front-end was developed using Flash technologies paired with a highly scalable PHP backend Web service in a LAMP environment, and allowed for handing control back and forth between the two events to coordinate the sales of suites in the soon to be completed Oahu Trump tower.

By event’s end a world record breaking amount of over $700 million dollars in real estate had passed through the software in just over 9 hours, and had been viewed real time in over 30 countries. We like to refer internally to it as “the world’s largest cash register”.