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Case Study: Touchscreens

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Case Study

The idea for a high quality sales centre presentation for the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua in Hawaii included a then-groundbreaking new use of interactive technology, the touchscreen. In 2006 touchscreen technology was not the ubiquitous interface technology it is today. It was for this reason Twisted Limers were asked to come up with a solution that included it for such a high-profile company as Ritz-Carlton.

The result was the XEngine Touchscreen presentation — the “X” stands for eXperience — which was so successful it was reused for interactive tours of major international real estate developments, which ultimately included Ritz-Carlton Kapalua, Trump-branded projects, and many others well before such tools became a de-facto standard in the world wide real estate sales arsenal.

These “XEngine applications” combined high definition video, imagery, Flash technology and text to create immersive, stand alone tours of the real estate projects, the local amenities, and cultural touchstones. Each XEngine installation served as a self-guided tour, driven by the touchscreen technology.