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Musica Intima

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Internationally renowned for their warm and engaging stage presence, impeccable musicianship, and unique perspective on ensemble singing, musica intima has earned a reputation as Canada’s most exciting vocal ensemble.

These singers make eye contact with their audience, creating an achingly intimate, holy moment in each performance. Their shows transform the venue into beauty’s own temple. Judge for yourself; this description isn’t hyperbole” says John Keillor of Vancouver’s Georgia Straight.

What makes musica intima truly unique is that the singers rehearse, perform and function as a collective. In rehearsal they use a shared leadership model, exchanging ideas freely while exploring their own musical creativity. In performance, they engage the audience with a spontaneity and directness all their own.

An e-commerce enabled Drupal CMS drives this portal, allowing musica intima to direct sell their many albums, while also giving visitors access to donations, concert ticket sales and upcoming events.

Project scope

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